Market segments

Wallcoverings for all kinds of premises, when all that matters is to make people feel good.
Its pleasant design has a calming effect and the material used – glass fibre – is perfect for high traffic areas.



In places where people come to relax, it’s very important that the furnishings stay looking new and fresh for a long time. This is why our wallcoverings are particularly suitable for hotels, B&B’s, lodging houses, cafés.

Health Care


Beauty and calmness can heal. Fine designs and easily washable finishes are just two of the reasons why our glass fibre wallcoverings are particularly suitable for hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other medical facilities.



We spend most of our time at work, which is why it's very important to consider how people will feel in the conference rooms, offices, and choose the right wallcoverings.


Sorry, we're working on it.
You'll soon find out why glass-fibre wall-coverings have their place here, too.

Make the best first impression with your customers. Turn your shop, studio or salesroom into a place where they always feel good – all that and more can be easily achieved by selecting a suitable Novelio® wallcovering.

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