Health Care

Patients as well as health professionals will appreciate that they are not surrounded by plain white walls. Novelio® Nature wallcoverings will create the feeling of being at home.

Novelio Nature
Novelio Nature

Easy to clean

Novelio® nature is ideal for hygienic and healthcare environments, which accommodate those most susceptible to infection and where the prevention of bacteria spread is critical. Fully washable, the non-absorbent glass fibre wallcovering can withstand intense healthcare cleaning procedures, whilst creating a welcoming environment for patients and staff.

Novelio Nature

Health friendly

A breathe-friendly wallcovering, Novelio® Nature is VOC free and made from 90% natural materials - achieving a Class A+ environmental rating. VOCs, found in products such as paint or wallcoverings, easily evaporate at room temperature and high levels of them within an indoor environment can have harmful effects on health, which can be particularly problematic for adults and children already susceptible to or suffering from a condition.

Novelio Nature


The innovative glass fibre solution from Novelio® Nature helps to create healthy walls, improving the wellbeing and recuperation of patients and staff. Eliminating indents and scrapes, which can harbour bacteria and mould and unlike traditional paper wallcoverings, which can act as a food for bacteria, the wallcoverings ensure a damp-free and breathable setting.

Novelio Nature

Load resistant

Novelio® Nature’s innovative use of glass-fibre creates a highly functional product with outstanding durability. Impact resistant, the high-performance wallcovering is ideal for areas of frequent traffic, such as beds and trolleys in hospital corridors and wards, withstanding bumps, scuffs and abrasion. Novelio® Nature breathes life into walls, maintaining an attractive finish over a longer period of time helping to reduce refurbishment costs and creating a comfortable environment for patients.

Novelio Nature

Repaintable and strippable

Although Novelio® Nature is washable and impact resistance, when it’s time for a refurbishment or if the wallcovering is severely damaged then it’s surface is fully re-paintable and can be easily stripped without damaging the wall. These qualities make the wallcovering extremely flexible for healthcare environments, which may be subject to budget constraints and time pressures.

Novelio Nature

For feel-good environment

The neutral palette choice combined with the natural textures of the glass fibre wallcoverings help to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere, contributing to patient rest and recovery. The ‘home from home’ feel enhances a patient’s and their family’s experience, as well as being ideal for healthcare facilities with long term or residential patients.

Novelio Nature

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